CARF-Models Workshop

CARF-Models Workshop

Scared of the maiden flight of your new CARF-Model? Need some training to become confident with your new CARF-Model? Interested in test flying one or several CARF-Models prior to purchasing?

CARF-Models is organizing a 5-day workshop which has never been done before. Book a 3-day course, bring your new airplane, flown or unflown, or come with lots of excitement and desire to test fly any CARF-Model you'd like. Additionally we offer equipment installation check-ups, engine test runs, radio programming and theory lessons. All included in the fee we charge.

From March 29th to April 2nd we can use the beautiful 300m grass runway of Sportfliegerclub Darmstadt in Ober-Ramstadt, Germany.

Camping on site is welcome or ask us for hotel recommendation. Food and drinks will be available at the field. 

Pre-Registration is MANDATORY, a minimum of 15 participants is required, a maximum of 25 participants cannot be exceeded. 

Please download our event brochure here in GERMAN or ENGLISH

Visitors and spectators VERY welcome any day! Flying, however, is reserved for registered participants.

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