Check out the video of the prototype, flown by Dominik Euteneier.

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One of the world's best designers and producers of indoor aerobatic models, Thomas Weiss from FinestComposites in Germany, has created a fantastic replica of our PAU Extra 330LX as an Indoor flyer. After seing the result, CARF-Models wanted to be a part of this story, so we offer our first Indoor aerobatic plane. One day, they say, it's a FIRST for everyting...

A new PP material called FLEXI-FOAM is used, it is stronger than the typical Depron and stiffer and smoother than the PP foam we know from other park flyers. The printed scheme is of brilliant colors, includes a 3D effect and really resembles the original PAU scheme so well.



It's offered as stand-alone kit, including a lot of CNC-milled composite parts, control horns, linkages/clevises and all necessary carbon profiles, perfectly cut to length. 



A second version we offer with Motor, ESC and Prop perfectly suited for trouble free high performance operation. 



Then you only need 3 mini/micro servos of your favorite brand (8-12 g for aileron and  5-6 g for elevator and rudder) and a 2-cell Lipo Battery (350 mAh, 35C) to complete the plane and have a blast. 


Dominik Euteneier was involved in helping to design this little gem and he had the privilege to build and fly the first one. Read what he has to say about it: 



Well Guys, what can I say... I‘ve flown her

so many times since the maiden and every

single flight is an absolute exciting one. 


From take off to landing there are about

4 minutes of pure fun. Precise like a laser

cutter and one of a kind 3D Plane. I‘m just 

enjoying this little guy more and more,

especially because of the little money you

have to pay, which gives you the same joy 

as a 3000 dollar airplane.



     84 cm


      94 cm


    150 g


     170 - 220 cc


     2x 6-8g Micro & 1x 15g Mini Servo


A very well done manual of FinestComposites is available for download HERE!

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