Deposit Voucher Harvard AT-6 "Texan"

Deposit Voucher Harvard AT-6 "Texan"

One day the CARF-Models AT-6 will be produced all silver and in various standard schemes, painted in the molds, for stock. Currently we will be building a list of pre-ordered airplanes with can feature custom color schemes without large extra charges. That is your chance.

Without committing to one scheme specifically, this voucher enables you to place yourself on the fast growing order list. You can specify your scheme later, once it is your turn in production. 

Prices will be around 3500 to 4200 USD/Euro(incl VAT) for single color up to most complex custom schemes.  More details will be posted in due course.

Scale retracts are not included and prices will be published as soon as negotiations with suppliers are successfully finished.

CARF will keep you informed about the process of development and production and will update you regularly with delivery times. We promise the first AT-6 deliveries during the last quarter of 2018!

And again: This voucher is fully refundable at any time!

Item Number: 490001

Factory Order Item

Price: 1,000.00 USD

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    126" (3200 mm)


     87" (2210 mm)


    48 - 53 Lbs (22 - 24 kg) dry


    80 - 150 cc 2 stroke / 180-250 cc 4 stroke radial


    9-10 middle to high class servos

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