CT-114 Tutor (AETE Scheme)




The "AETE Scheme" has its name from the AETE-department of the Canadian airforce.


AETE (Aerospace Engineering & Test Establishment) provides flight test services and expertise to the Canadian Forces and other government departments. It conducts flight and ground testing involving every aircraft type in the Canadian Forces inventory, and the evaluation of new systems to be installed on these aircraft. Its extensive infrastructure also supports civil flight testing. In the early to mid 60s AETE also had one CT-114 Tutor in their fleet and used it for various test programs. In 1967 this particular Tutor has become one of the Golden Centennials Formation team, after it completed its AETE service.

Still it is one of the few very attractive, highly visible scale schemes on this beautiful airplane.


Used colors:

- Black #01

- White #02

- Red #08

- Blue #11

- Dark red #19

- Hardener

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