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General Information

The CARF-Models Extra 330SC has a track record of being an extremely well flying, strong, robust airplane for 50-70 cc engines. Also its scale looks and beautiful color schemes have always fascinated the modellers around the globe. Since production cost of such a high end aerobatic airplane in all composite technology has risen through the roof, we were looking for potential changes in design to keep the prices down and maybe even add to the overall value, if this is even possible - and the only improvement of overall value we saw in reducing the weight of wings and stabs further. 

So, we got in contact with some nameful and reputable wood airplane manufacturers and discussed our plans. Pilot RC was the one who listened, provided great input and expertise, and finally was chosen for a cooperation. So the impossible became possible: CARF-Models goes "wood"!!! A first joint venture product is this new "Extra 330SC HYBRID".



The Old and New Features

  • The light weight composite fuselage has received an upgrade in the gear area. So the landing gear now mounts from outside, elminiating the complete wood structure inside, reducing weight and getting rid of an often criticized feature.
  • A beautifully shaped gear cuff is combined with the cover for the landing gear in a pair of clever composite parts
  • The motor dome has been integrated into the fuselage, saving weight and reducing building time. It is designed to fit the popupar 60-70 cc opposed twin engines. There is plenty of room for a 2-in-1 header and canister, if one doesn't want to use the standard mufflers.
  • The single part cowling is easily bolted to the fuselage as the T-nuts are already installed from the factory
  • The canopy frame remains unchanged, it bolts on to the fuselage with 4 strong tabs. 
  • The wings are built up in Pilot RC's proven design and construction method, each panel is over 150 g lighter than the composite equivalents and this weight saving is located mostly further to the tip. The Ailerons are center hinged and have massive throws of over 50 deg each side. The wings mount to the fuselage in the proven CARF-style with aluminum dowels and knurled plastic nuts.
  • The stabs are also built up in Pilot RC's famous style, they are secured to the fuselage with a single bolt and a plywood tab. The elevators are center hinged and allow throws of 60 degree and more. The servo mounts in the stab are as pre-built as they are in the wings.
  • The rudder is also built up in Pilot RC style. it is hinged to a rudder post which the customer will glue into the fuselage as one of the very few actual building steps - to pair the quality work of the Pilot-Factory with the quality work of CARF-Models' composites production place. 
  • The fuel tank and electronics mounting tray is combined with the rudder servo mount.
  • All German Quality hardware is included in the kit
  • A high strength aluminum wing tube and a carbon stab joiner is included in the kit. Carbon wing tubes are available as an option.
  • 2 new color options of an all new scheme are available from stock at launch date, all composite parts are painted in the mold using high end polyurethane paints and all wood parts are covered with ORACOVER in perfectly matched color tones. 


The CARF-Models "Extra 330SC HYBRID" in with its 2.3m (90") wing span has blown away our team pilots and even critics of the whole idea. It is simply the best 2.3m airplane CARF has ever made. It is VERY light, fits the polupar and beloved 60-70 cc flat twin engines, is robust and strong in the air and on the ground and the best value for money right now.

If you are ready for the best in the 2.3m class... don’t look any further. Here it is, and it’s there to stay. 



    90" (2300 mm)


     88" (2250 mm)


    - Lbs (- kg) dry


    50 - 70 cc


     6 high power digital servos

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