SALE UPDATE please see at the bottom of this page!

PAU (Performance Aircraft Unlimited) has been around for many years, founded by Herve Lejeune. PAU quickly developed into one of the few real market leaders in wooden high end aerobatic airplanes. The PAU brand has received world wide acclaim when flown by Spencer Nordquist, Gabriel Altuz and Bryant Mack in prestigious events such as the Tucson Shootout and the XFC. PAU airframes, in the hands of these talented world class pilots, quickly rose to the top of the winner's circle. 

Why does CARF-Models get into wooden airframes, you ask? The answer is simple: Because the PAU planes are highly sought after competition planes demanded by the best of the best freestyle pilots. who work with nothing less than the Best. CARF-Models currently have the distribution channels required to deliver to this worldwide audince. 

Competition minded pilots work with nothing less than the best to showcase their talents. PAU planes are not just another brand of aerobatic airplane; they are viewed as the best in class by many. World class pilots demand PAU. Some find CARF-Models' all composite airframes simply too valuable to go to the limits in a freestyle practice session, or even in a competition round. These wooden counterparts fill that void.

Spencer Nordquist, Bryant Mack, Gabriel Altuz... recognized World Class names have chosen thePAU brand for freesyle competitions, their success speaks for itself. Many of them have chosen to fly the all composite CARF-Models for their precision aerobatics - now they will feel right at home with their choice of freestyle airplane as well!

We intend to make the PAU planes available to the broad CARF-Models customer base in the USA and beyond - where these fanatastic airplanes simply haven't been available until now. 



PAU Sale Update: 

For Europe and all the other countries except USA: PAU is coming to you. CARF-Models has finally released th first production order to the PAU factory. COVID-19 has slowed things terribly down and we apologize for that. The first production order consists of various schemes of the well liked 2.6m class airplanes 'Extra 330LX 2.6m' and 'Edge 540 S 2.7m'. Furthermore, due to great demand, we have a few of the 1.5m and 2.3m  Extra 330 on a boat from the USA stock to our EU warehouse. That also got delayed, unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. But it's coming... 

For the USA: Our WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE is almost over. Only a few types of planes are left, and everything must go. Whatever we sell now, won't have to be moved across country into our CARF-Models warehouse. However, the new 2.6m airplanes are scheduled to arrive during June in our CARF Warehouse and they can be pre-ordered now.


In General: If you are interested in an airplane of the new CARF/PAU production run 

(2.6m Extra 330LX or 2.7m Edge 540S) please contact us or your Rep and let us know. 

It helps us to prioritize which color schemes to make and to schedule further production lots 

Or simply order one of the last clearance sale kits there are.


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