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We will have vouchers available in a few days, so that you can get in line for your Rebel of              choice with a small down payment, which will be refundable with no questions asked                  in case you change your mind! 

General Information

CARF-Models is proud to announce to have signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Pirotti Models to produce, re-brand, market and sell the famous line of their “REBEL” Sport Jets. 

The Rebels all feature this typical italian design, a little like the charismatic SuperCars we all know very well. Italian Design and German Engineering has never been a bad combination, so the all the Rebels will now be hard to beat!

We all hope that by joining forces with CARF-Models’ powerful production plant, all the Rebels can be provided faster, in top notch quality and with much higher prefabrication than they used to be. All 4 sizes of the Pirotti Rebels will be available with the CARF-typical, new level of quality and prefabrication:

  • Gear Mounts installed, aligned and ready to drop in e-retracts, on the smaller versions even ARF-Plus with e-gear already installed.
  • Control horns glued in, Servo mounts ready to drop in servos and cut-to-length linkages with quality hardware included
  • Canopy mounts and 2-part fuselage joints installed 
  • fuel tank thrust tube available as accessory or already installed in ARF-Plus versions.
  • Painted in the molds, no matter whether single color or more complex stock schemes, full custom schemes

4 sizes of a legendary Italian Design with well known, outstanding flying performance have become even more valuable under the label of CARF-Models by adding prefabrication and enhancing the completion level of every single airplane. We are all very excited what the future will bring:

Rebel HOT


The Rebel Hot is the smallest of the Rebel family and it is truly a hot one. With 1.5m wingspan and around 6 kg weight it is perfectly suited for a 45-70 N engine, where the 70 is really overkill. The kit will have the full CARF typical features, full hardware pack, servo mounts, gear mounts, control horns, canopy hatch, wing, stab.... all installed, attached, aligned and ready for equipment installation. One cool, economical, small, easy to transport, hot sport jet for the quick run to the flying field for a few flights after work.


Rebel 2m (Rebel 2m ARF-Plus)


The Rebel 2m is the classic Pirotti Rebel. The start of a success story of one of the greatest sport jets of all times. CARF-Models will give this "Classic" a new charme. It will be the first one to be offered right away in an ARF-Plus version, very comparable in size and performance with the new CARF-Models UltraFlash EVO. It will feature an installed e-retract, thrust tube, fuel tank on top of all the refined production details.


Rebel PRO

The second one in the Rebel pedigree. And maybe the most popular. With 2.6m wing span it is just perfect for the very polupar 180-200 N engines, large enough to be a fantastic flyer, but due to the 2-part fuselage still very easy to transport. A total wet weight of around 20 kg will let you stay well away from the 25 kg limit, even with additional smoke and lots of other features (such as plenty of lights). The Rebel PRO is going to be a very popular Sport Jet, so this is the one where we suggest to get in line fast....



Rebel MAX

The latest and greatest. Just introduced in 2018 it has been hugely successful at Jetpower - but unfortunately barely any were delivered up to today. CARF-Models will change this situation dramatically. The Rebel MAX has a revolutionary 3-piece fuselage, allowing to take off the nose and still fitting it in a station wagon without taking the main joint between rear and front fuselage apart. It's just perfect for the big block engines above 200 N thrust. It is very light for its size, so the flying characteristics are simply breathtaking. Slow or fast, it has the most impressive presence in the air.

It can be built safely below 25 kg but if you don't have to obey this European Limit, you can go ulimately crazy! In the USA, Switzerland, Norway, all Asia, South America - this will be the plane to have if you are looking for smooth and classic aerobatics. The prefabrication, the design and construction details will peak here. The Rebel MAX is going to be the ultimate king of the line!


Flying Characteristics

From an effortless short take-off through smooth flight routines all the Rebels install confidence in any pilot who controls it. The old saying is especially true here: What looks good, flies good.... The sleek aerodynamics have taken all Rebels to the highest level of sport jets, rock solid when flown slowly, and a racing thoroughbred when the throttle is opened up. The clean, beautiful lines allow smooth, slow and fast aerobatics while tracking like on rails...


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