SIAI Marchetti (Conservative Stripes Scheme)


The lines of the SIAI Marchetti SF-260 lend themselves towards a very conservative scheme. Not too fancy, based white, with nice blue and red striping. The full size plane with this scheme is currently flying in Switzerland. The web holds a lot of beautiful photos of the original, some of them in the snowy beautiful Swiss Alpes. The "Conservative Stripes Scheme" is a classy scheme, which makes our SF-260 look good.


Used colors:

- Red #08

- White #02

- Blue #11

- Hardener

Item Number: 102000

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Price including Tax:  3,090.00 EUR

w/o Tax:  2,663.79 EUR

Tax (VAT/GST):  426.21 EUR

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    112" (2830 mm) w/ tip tanks


     93" (2370 mm)


    33 - 35 Lbs (15 - 16 kg) dry


    60 cc single - 120 cc twin 2stroke, 100 cc Moki 4stroke



    9 middle to high class servos


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