SIAI Marchetti (Orange Italian Scheme)


Very simple, but very bright and very… orange! At first glance, it might seem almost too simple. But – once it is in a deep blue sky, it impresses pilot and spectators with an extremely bright sight. It is the original Italian Military Scheme, as it is still being flown. And again and again we must say that the SF-260 has lines, so beautiful that one has to be careful not to distort them with a too fancy scheme. This orange scheme is a perfect example.


Used colors:

- Black #01

- White #02

- Red #08

- Dark Orange #22

- Green #05

- Matting Agent

- Hardener

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Price: 3,390.00 USD

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    112" (2830 mm) w/ tip tanks


     93" (2370 mm)


    33 - 35 Lbs (15 - 16 kg) dry


    60 cc single - 120 cc twin 2stroke, 100 cc Moki 4stroke



    9 middle to high class servos


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