ViperJet MK II (Sport Scheme green)


The "Sport Scheme" is a very nice basic design with black and white, and one color. We have picked Magenta, Green and Blue so far, but it can be swapped with any color you’d like. Contact us if you are interested in a Color Swap, therefore, please pick the "Custom Scheme" option into your Shopping cart / Wishlist. You can also replace the single color bottom wing/stab with each 6 large chequers (against a surcharge).

This Sport Scheme, no matter what color you choose, will represent well in the sky and on the ground.


Used colors:

- Black #01

- White #02

- Light green #29

- Anthrazit #25

- Hardener

Item Number: 152000

Factory Order Item

Price: 2,990.00 USD

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