T-27 Tucano (Brazilian Blue Scheme)


Our Tucano is also scale when it comes to the painting schemes. We decided to offer you two schemes of the Brazilian Airforce Aerobatics Squadron "Esquadrilha da Fumaca".

The "Brasilian Red Scheme" is the old painting scheme of "L'Esquadrilha", the "Brasilian Blue Scheme" is the new one.


Used colors:

- White #02

- Yellow #06

- Blue #11

- Hardener

Green is a mixture, please contact your Rep!

Item Number: 692000

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Price: 3,840.00 USD

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    110" (2800 mm)


     89" (2510 mm)


    38 - 40 Lbs (17 - 18 kg) dry


    JetCat SPT-5 or Wren MW-54 Turboprop


    8 high power digital servos

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