Ultra Flash (Military Scheme)


With this "Military Scheme" we opted for something very different. Painting such a camouflage scheme in the molds has never been done before  And it has been especially difficult because we started to spoil our customers some time ago with painting over the fuselage seam so that it would't be noticed anymore.

One little bitter pill to swallow though: The NAVY and the Stars'n'Bars sign are vinyl. It just would be too many colors and too many paint steps on one part to work out at all.


Used colors:

- Grey #03

- Military blue 284 #40

- Hardener

- Light- and dark grey (Mixture, please contact your Rep!)

Item Number: 284000

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Price: 2,490.00 USD

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    70" (1800 mm)


     81" (2065 mm)


    22 - 28 Lbs (10 - 13 kg) dry


    80 - 160 N


    7 - 8 high power digital servos

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