NEW Color Scheme for SU-31 2.75m

We have a new Color Scheme for our SU-31 2.75m The Skydancer Scheme Red/Blue/White #183000  
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New Website

Welcom to the new website of CARF-Models Ltd.!  We worked a long time on this new website, to achieve our requirements for design and functionality and to make ordering as easy as possible for you.   On the page "How to Order", we created a small manual about the functions of the new website for you. For further ...
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New Spare Part System

For easier listing and ordering we provide spare parts pricing for SINGLE COLOR spareparts only. Every additional color will add 5% of the listed value. Once you receive you Quote, these charges will be reflected correctly and result in the final price. When ordering, please mention the original plane's Item Number and/or scheme name so that we can ...
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Insider Tip