Gewinner: Bild des Jahres!

Wir präsentieren stolz unser Foto des Jahres!! Seba Rubio hat mit seinem Foto aus dem Juni 2015 und 35,11% aller Stimmen den Fotowettbewerb gewonnen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Zu seinem Sieg schrieb er:
"I always loved aerobatic flight, but it was just before joining IMAC that I started to look for perfection on my flights.
When I bought my CARF Extra, I noticed my improvement, and even though I have a long way to reach the skills I aim for, competing with a great plane makes things much easier. A model that flights as you want, that has precises moves, and that has solid and precise construction, gives the pilot the trust to flight without thinking on anything but the flight.
The winning picture is of my friend Julio Fernandez's Extra 330 SC 3.1m in a custom Chequer Scheme on a knife edge pass over the runway of the Club de Aeromodelos de Chile - CACh. I believe he is also an important part of this prize, so I would like to share it with him. I still don't know which model will be my next plane, but one thing is for granted, it would be a CARF one."


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