Rebel HOT (Custom Scheme)

Rebel HOT (Custom Scheme)

The Rebel HOT is the smallest of the Rebel family. With 1.5m wingspan it is perfect for summer evenings and for small cars. Its peformance, however, is just as great as of the bigger rebel versions. 

The Rebel HOT's prefabrication will be extremely improved, just like you expect it from a CARF-Model. Retracts, thrust tube and fuel tank will be optional and will be listed at the time your model is produced. 

A perfectly suited engine size is 45 - 70N, where the 70 is almost overkill...

This is the CUSTOM SCHEME. Pick this Rebel HOT version if you have specific ideas about colors or complete schemes. We will get back to you with discussion of your preferred scheme and quote accordingly.

ProduktNr: 570000

Auf Bestellung


     59" (1500 mm)


      65" (1650 mm)


     13-14 lbs (6-7 kg)






       8 x 15mm size high torque servos (8-10 kg/cm) 


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