Eurosport CORTEX Scheme

An all new color scheme for our Eurosport Ultimate is available. Colorful, highly visible and speaking out loud how 3D Jet Flying is done right. See Markus Rummer torque roll it all the way to the ground . Or watch his maiden flight HERE!

All New A4 Skyhawk V2

The A4 Skyhawk has received a total overhaul and just in time for JetPower is re-introduced as magnificent scale ARF kit. In silver and painted in the legendary Blue Angels Scheme, with an all new E-Gear and a lot of updated accessories it is the newest scale jet in the CARF-Models product range.

UltraFlash EVO

Hard to improve a plane which is already top of the line... but we have done it. Currently in the ARF-Plus version available! ARF-Plus: - Landing gear preinstalled - new light weight thrust tube - new larger central fuel tank - new RC-and equipment board Coming ...

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