About Us


CARF-Models airplanes combine great designs and quality materials with professional prefabrication and the very best in flying characteristics. This is unmatched on the worldwide model airplane market. Even with our extensive research and development efforts and ISO conform quality standards, all this comes with a reasonable price tag, great service, product backup, outstanding instruction  manuals and last but not least, shortterm availability.

We are proud to offer our very best on a daily basis, and we are thankful that a rapidly growing community of thousands of CARF-Models customers around the world enjoys our work. We promise loads of exciting new product to come.

Structual Design

Every CARF-Model is built on solid, decade long experience in designing and manufacturing model airplanes. Everything is created using powerful CAD Software and calculated for load, weight and drag numbers. All the virtual design is then represented in sophisticated composite components for which glass, carbon and aramid fiber are carefully chosen for the purpose.

Composite Craftsmanship

Teams of skilled craftsmen and -women put all their dedication into creating the best, lightest and strongest composite parts our model airplanes could be possibly built from. Aircraft grade resins, glass and carbon are used and the latest application and curing technologies are utilized to create the high value our customers are looking for.


Not only are our composite aircraft parts painted in the molds, not only do they have either all scale details molded in or the smoothest, most flawless, shiny surface, we also overpaint the seams and refine details in a positive painting process. This will add the ultimate touch of perfection to every airplane built after 2013.


The higher the prefabrication, the more value will a CARF-Model “kit” represent. Currently all our airplanes are as completely built as possible. Not only for your convenience and enjoyment, but also for a very simple reason: The more we build in-house, the better our Quality Control Department can guarantee perfection when the carefully checked airplane goes into the box.

Product Variety

No other model airplane company in the world will be able to give you as much expertise in so many different categories of high end model aircraft. Be it 400 km/h fast sport jets, detailed scale jets and warbirds, race planes, aerobatic performance planes, even high performance gliders... CARF-Models leads the pack simply by the variety of product we build.

Custom Schemes

A very popular way to add value to your new airplane is to opt for a color swap or a full custom scheme. CARF-Models is happy to discuss the personalization of your new airplane and either swap colors of standard schemes with your favorite color for only a very little upcharge or as the only company in the world, go into total customization by developing a fully individual scheme for you.

Complete Accessories

CARF-Models carefully selects, or designs, all necessary accessories such as landing gear, lighting sets, fuel systems, propulsion systems... Our philosophy is to work in partnership with market leading companies who have a reputation for great product and service. Retracts, exhaust systems... all is especially designed for our airplanes by the ones who really know what they’re doing.

Service & Support

CARF-Models literally provides thousands of spare parts even years after the life span of a product. Because we can’t keep all these parts in stock, we developed a system which allows us to produce any spare part in a matter of days and get it on the way to you. This should give you peace of mind to enjoy your CARF-Model for many years to come.

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