Sales Reps wanted!

CARF-Models is getting ready for the future! And the future will be for us to return to the well proven SALES REP system. We are looking for new blood. Highly motivated model airplane pilots who still can build a complex airplane and help and advise customers with their experience. However, applicants will have to show and prove solid skills in sales and marketing, too. 

If you think you boast a combination of the above, if are totally motivated to add some money making aspect to your hobby - lets talk. There is no country in the world where a motivated partner were refused.

CARF-Models offers attractive remuneration and other benefits such as team member status and much more. 

Please send an email to if you'd like to offer your experience to us and our customers and if you're ready for a new challenge. Please include an updated CV, descriptions of model airplane projects you have done in the past years and some proof of an education or other solid experience in sales/marketing.

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