How to Order

First of all, you have to log in or register to our site.


Next to the Login button you can always choose your region and the language.


Choose one of the categories in the black menu and one more in the tabs below and choose the airplane you like


You will get to the detailed airplane page.


On top you will find the “Back to List” button, which brings you back to the model list page.

If you hover a color scheme with your mouse, it will show you the name of the scheme, the item number and the stock status.

Meaning of the stock status:

green : These Color Schemes are normaly in stock or inlet.

yellow : These Color Schemes are produced only on request. (Delivery time usually ~8 weeks)

red : These Color Schemes or items are not available at the moment and can not be ordered.


Below you will find detailed information about the airplane. An anchor menu brings you directly to the headlines and the “Top” button on the right up to the anchor menu.

Next to the “Detailed Information”, you will find Spare Parts, Accessories, Gallery, Videos, Specifications and Manuals to this plane.


By clicking one color scheme, you will get to the detailed color scheme page.

Here you will also find the “Back” button. It will bring you back to the airplane detailed information page.

Below you find the price and the “Add to Cart” button

At the pages end you will find again the other Variants, Spare Parts and Accessories.


At the right side you will always find the buttons “Cart”, which shows, how many items are on your cart, and the button “Contact Us”, which provides an opportunity for direct contact to your Rep or to CARF Models.


Let's take a look in the cart:

You can change the quantity or delete products at the top.

Note: Shipping costs will be added individually in the quote!

At least accept our Terms & Conditions an press "Get Quote".


Attention: If you would like to order spare parts

For easier listing and ordering we provide spare parts pricing for SINGLE COLOR spareparts only. Every additional color will add 5% of the listed value. Once you receive you Quote, these charges will be reflected correctly and result in the final price. When ordering, please mention the original plane's Item Number and/or scheme name so that we can quote the correct spare part for you, before you check out for payment.

After this, check or insert your address and maybe a shipping address.

Then choose an "Sales Rep", who should edit your quote. You can also choose "None" to get the quote directly from CARF-Models ordersupport.


Under "My Orders" you can always check the status of your quote.


You see here your requested, pending and confirmed quotes and your complete orders.

If you're waiting for your Quote it is still in "Requested quotes"

If you got your Quote, you will find it at the "Pending quotes"

Press the "Detail" Button for paying

You will get an overview and you can choose between "Bank Transfer", "Kredit Card" or "PayPal".

If your payment was successfull, you will find the quote at "Confirmed quotes". As soon, as it is shipped, it will be a "complete order".

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