PAU's Future

As you may have noticed, the PAU Models disappeared from the CARF-Models website without much further notice. Many asked what was going on, but we were not able to comment, until the future of PAU was finalized. You can guess that the cooperation with the PAU production company in China must have really struggled.
CARF-Models is known for exceptional quality and we have worked very hard to achieve the same level of quality with PAU. How great would it have been. We can't afford anything else. Unfortunately it turned out that the owner of the production company in China and CARF have a very different understanding of quality. We are very busy with our own product and need either 100% cooperation of a supplier or we have to admit defeat and move on. We did the latter.
We are happy to announce that RC-Gadgetz in Dubai (Youssef M. Ismail) is the new owner of the PAU brand. They will continue CARF-Models' work with the Chinese manufacturer and are confident that the results will be great. We wish them all success. Besides RC Gadgetz, the German Company HW-Modellbau (Guenther Hoelzlwimmer) will take over the independent sales and distribution of PAU in the German-speaking countries of Europe, as well as direct factory supply.
We are sorry that it took so long to give you all a proper notice of what's going on. But the fact that we were able to keep the brand alive was all worth it, I think...

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