Important Payment Information:

Dear Customer: 

Due to a few unfortunate circumstances around our long term partner and German Office Manager Marc Froehn we have to ask you to do not make any bank transfers to our Sparkasse Darmstadt Bank Account anymore, with the Account Name: MARC FROEHN, CARF-MODELS.

The new represenatation of CARF Models in Europe is: 

CARF-Models Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH i.G., Rheinstr. 37, 64367 Muehltal, Germany.

The new Bank Account is:

Commerzbank AG

IBAN: DE04 5084 0005 0140 2056 00


Please do not use Paypal or credit card for payment until we have established new contracts through the CARF-Models GmbH. We will keep you informed about further process. Please be informed that Marc Froehn is not publicly associated with CARF-Models any longer.

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