CARF Scale Jets - Simply The BEST!

It just seems to go on and on:

Spencer Nordquist wins the XFC Jet Class

with CARF-Models MEPHISTO!!!


We celebrate with the winners.

We are honored and proud. We want to
thank all who believe in the performance and 
reliability of our sport and scale jets entering them
in competitions around the world. Here is proof 
that they live up to highest expectations.
Elevating themselves and their pilots to the top.
Simply the Best!

And there is even more to celebrate:

We GOT GEAR!!! BAE Hawk, L-39 Albatros, Sukhoi 
SU-27/30 and A4 Skyhawk finally got their new 
landing gear. Together with our patiently waiting 
customers we are so happy about the newly 
developed Electron- and Down&Locked based 
electric landing gear and their custom made scale 
struts and wheels, that we decided to offer the 4 
said models at a special price for a limited time. 
Let us tailor your personal scale jet perfectly around 
your needs and expectations and still save up to 15% 
from now until the Jetpower Event 2019. 
!!!World Wide!!!

Scale Jet Sale:15% off!


Call us at +49 6151 9179 156 or call your Sales Rep,

or email us at

Sale Ends with Jetpower 2019 (Sept. 15th 2019)!

(Grace period for full payment 5 days)



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