King Tech Partner Deal

Buy a CARF-Models Jet and receive a 150 EURO Discount Voucher* for a matching KingTech Turbine of your choice. This deal is valid from May 1st and currently only for the European Region! The voucher can be redeemed in the Kingtech Europe Online Shop (*Conditions apply)

So, if you are looking to finally get that Mephisto you always wanted to get, then buy a KingTech 320 at 150 Euro off. The all new BOLT! will find is perfect match in a Kingtech 260. All the Rebels can be fitted with K45 all the way up to K260. For our scale planes like Hawk, Albatros, F-100 and A4, there is no better choice than a K210. All these will be 150 Euro off for you if you purchase a CARF Jet from now on. However, it is currently only valid to be redeemed in the European King Tech Web Shop We will let you know if further developments broaden the reach of this deal.


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