Single Piece Custom Schemes for sale!

Dear Customers, If you are looking for a realy special Color Scheme, we have some single piece Custom Schemes for sale - directly available from our factory stock! Please contact your Rep, Dealer or if you are interested or have any questions. Extra 330SC 3.1m "Blue Flag Racing Scheme" Ultra ...
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F3A-X News

Last weekend our Team-Pilot Alexander Raff won the last F3A-X competition and thus the overall Unlimited class in 2016 with his 3m CARF SU-31. Congratulation to this success!
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F-100 maiden flight

We have good News for you! Our F-100 Super Sabre made it's maiden on sunday! If you want to see more and the wonderful color scheme we chose, visit us at JetPower 2016
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Insider Tip