Bank Accounts

Note: When sending us a money transfer please always make sure to mention your Quote-Number in the remarks of the transfer.

For World Wide Money Transfers (Euro) can be used anytime:

Commerzbank AG, Darmstadt
Account Name: CARF-Models Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH,

Rheinstr. 37, 64367 Muehltal 

IBAN: DE04 5084 0005 0140 2056 00

For international USD payments (non USA customers):
Public Bank Ltd.
163-173 Des Voex Road West, Hong Kong
Account Name: CARF Models Ltd.
USD Account No: 0712-203363-401
Branch Code: 712
For our US customers: You can pay via wire transfer to our US-entity Composite-ARF Trading LLC
Please contact Ray Labonte at rplabonte727 at for bank account information!
Sending money by PayPal:
Normally our quote forms include the matching payment links for payments by PayPal, based on your location. In case you want to make a custom payment, send to: for payments in Euro for payments in USD from anywhere else but USA for payments within the USA

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