Eurosport Gear Door and Speed Brake Kit

Eurosport Gear Door and Speed Brake Kit

Most Eurosport Owners have always appreciated the simplicity of our ES Design. However, the scale fanatics within you would love to build functional gear doors and also a working speed brake door to their Eurosport.

With this gear door and speed brake kit we enable you to do just that. It consists of 4 strong main parts: 2 laminated main gear doors, 1 nose gear door and a speed brake door, all made from CARBON FIBRE, painted white in the mold.

The kit comes with CNC milled hinges, control horns, and several framing hardware made from balsawood. We do not include pneumatic actuators or other pneumatic hardware, to leave the freedom of choice to you. Most landing gear manufacturers do have suitable gear door cylinders in their product range.

This accessory kit can be easily installed to your Eurosport within 1-2 days and enhances its appearance very much.

Please note: The composite parts are WHITE and need to be painted by yourself! 

Item Number: 760700

Price: 149.00 USD

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