Eurosport ULTIMATE (Jolly Roger)


Another all time favourite.... The Jolly Roger Eurosport has been always popular, and we applied this scheme on our new ULTIMATE as well. Please note that the Navy letters and Insignia are high quality vinyl giving you the choice to apply.

Please note: Various thrust tubes and fuel tank sets can be ordered from the accessory list, they are not included in the kit anymore! However, we also offer a comprehensive ARF-Plus Package, where all these accessories are not only included, but even installed for you. Add #210999 "ARF-Plus Package" to your quote request!


Used colors:

- Black #01

- White #02

- Grey #03

- Orange-yellow #14

- Hardener

Item Number: 216000


Price: 2,760.00 USD

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    66" (1680 mm)


     89" (2250 mm)


    24 Lbs (11 kg) dry


    160 - 180 N


    min. 6 digital high class servos

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