BOLT Kevlar Saddle Tank Set 6.1 Liter

BOLT Kevlar Saddle Tank Set 6.1 Liter

A brand new molded saddle tank set for the BOLT replaces the dual use fuel tank set of our original Lighting / UltraLighting. With a capacity of 6.1 liter this allows flights of 7-8 minutes plus enough reserve for a go-around. The tank set is made rom Kevlar in polished negative molds for a worthy and exclusive look. It does not come with a hopper tank because there are so many of these header tanks available on the after market and philosophies differ what's the latest and greatest. Please purhase your header tank separately from the manufacturer of your choice. However, we do include fuel tubing, felt clunks and all push-in fittings you need to complete your installation.

Item Number: 430106

Price: 269.00 USD

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