MiG-17 Fuel Tanks (set of 3)

MiG-17 Fuel Tanks (set of 3)

The MiG-17 fuel tank has presented itelf very challenging. To keep the fuel as close to the CG as possible, we went with a little more complex 3-tank setup made from glass and Kevlar. The stable center of gravity with this design is really worth the effort. The main tank of 2.5l is topped up constantly by 2 1.4l tanks, which are installed on the right and left sinde in the engine bay.

The set will carry 5.3 liter of fuel, giving a flight time of 8+ minutes easily. A header tank is not included, since there are plenty of choices to be purchased as aftermarket parts.

Item Number: 230106

Price: 299.00 USD

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