PAU Extra 330 1.5m (60") electric

PAU Extra 330 1.5m (60") electric

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Check out this video of Spencer Nordquist and Bryant Mack flying!

After the considerable success of the lager 35cc, 50cc, 100cc and 150cc versions of the Extra, and due to popular demand, PAU has designed this smaller version and it is now in stock for you at breathtaking clearance sales pricing!

This airframe is designed by professionals and tested by some of the best pilots in the world.

It can be flown at a smaller field, fit in a smaller vehicle, while making no sacrifice in terms of precision, looks or all around performance.Smooth straight lines, super crisp snaps with positive exits, perfectly linear rollers that require less input from the brain and more focus on the routine, are all attributes that a competitive pilots and Sunday flyers alike will appreciate.  The team test pilots were extremely impressed with the performance of this small plane.

Not only does this aircraft draw silky smooth lines but also like PAU's newest releases, we are putting the scale back into scale aerobatics!


  • Control surfaces pre-hinged, not glued.
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear.
  • Covered with genuine Ultracote.
  • Carbon fiber wing tube
  • Fiber glass cowl and wheel pants painted to match covering
  • Comprehensive hardware pack

Kit includes:

  • CF wing tube and main gear
  • Complete hardware set
  • tail gear, main wheels
  • Side force generators

For our US customers: a fantastic 6S 540 KV Motor made by Scorpion especially for PAU,

is available to be sold at cost (70 USD) as combo for the first 40 customers to commit.

Item Number: PAU081000

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