BOLT PNP Package

BOLT PNP Package

Upon multiple requests we offer our BOLT! now also with a PNP Package. This package includes the following accessories and services:, all readily installed in the airframe:

ARF-Plus package as advertised, which means, tanks, thrust tube and retracts installed

11 High Torque HV Servos (8.4V) installed

Aluminum servo arms installed, where applicable, all linkages installed, travel center and end points set

All wiring to the front of airplane completed with high class servo wire, multi pin disconnect points integrated in wing/stab root ribs

Please note: This package can only be ordered together with the basic kit and will be installed in the factory. It cannot be retrofitted or added to an order at a later time!

You end up with an airplane where you only have to install engine, engine equipment, a UAT of your choice, Receiver/Powerbox/Centralbox and batteries. Then what's only left is your programming and thorough testing of all systems.

Smoke tank and smoke pump are optional and not part of this package.

Item Number: 430888

Price: 4,389.00 USD

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