MACB8555 HV 20mm 55KG

MACB8555 HV 20mm 55KG

The MacGregor brand of servos has quickly become our choice of Servo for all our PNP builds and we recommend these servos with confidence. We have NOT opted to find some chinese servo manufacturer and let them print our Logo on them. We have decided to choose a reputable british brand of servos. MacGregor has previously imported the JR servos into the UK and once the JR trouble of years ago caused a servo shortage, they set out to source their own. They stand for outstanding quality with their name, exactly what CARF-Models does for their airplanes. They provide constant R&D as well as service and work with CARF-Models as a true partner. We are proud to help bring these classy servos on the world market. We provide warranty and service.

MAC8555HV 20 mm Servo

This Servo is the torque monster of the range! Up to 55 kg torque and 0.12 sec / 60 deg at 8.4V make it one of the strongest servos available today. The precision in the gear is remarkable, too.

Accessory: #930101 Single Servo Arm and #930102 Double Servo Arm

Dead band: 2µs default
Working frequency: 1520µs / 330hz
Motor: Brushless Motor
Gearset: Steel
Spline: 25T
Operating Voltage: 5.0 ~ 8.4V
Operating Speed (5.0V): 0.20sec/60°
Operating Speed (6.0V): 0.17sec/60°
Operating Speed (7.4V): 0.13sec/60°
Operating Speed (8.4V): 0.12sec/60°
Torque (5.0V):
Torque (6.0V):
Torque (7.4V):
Torque (8.4V):
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 39.1mm
Weight: 85g
Connector Wire Length: 310mm
Bearing: 2BB

Item Number: 930155

Price: 145.00 USD

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