AT-6 "Texan" Retracts (electric)

AT-6 "Texan" Retracts (electric)

This retractable landing gear is a true piece of art, mechanically very robust and easy to install. The wood structure of the AT-6's center wing is perfectly set up so that it is a drop-in fit. The mechanics of the AT-6 landing gear are more complex than you may think. The axle of rotation has to point 5 degree down and 5 degree outwards in respect to the flight direction so that the strut in extended and retracted position aligns in the correct angles.

And the AT-6 is one of these examples without any moving gear doors, tail wheel or any other complications, so that it can easily be done ELECTRIC. A pair of especially manufactured scale wheels is additionally avialble as item # 490550.

Item Number: 490500

Price: 1,290.00 USD

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