Rebel HOT (Launch Scheme Blue)


This is the Launch Scheme Blue! Other colors are available on request.

  • Wing Span 1.5m
  • Weight 6-7 kg wet
  • Engines from 45-70N

The Rebel HOT is the smallest of the Rebel family. With 1.5m wingspan it is perfect for summer evenings and for small cars. Its peformance, however, is just as great as of the bigger Rebel versions. 

The Rebel HOT's prefabrication is extremely high, just like you expect it from a CARF-Model. Retracts, thrust tube and fuel tank will be optional or included in the ARF-Plus package available for this airplane.

A perfectly suited engine size is 45 - 70N, where the 70 is almost overkill... 

Item Number: 571000-B

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Price: 1,590.00 USD

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