General Information


Finally the Rebel PRO has also made it into our catalog of the famous Rebel Sport Jets. The last and until now most popular version of the Pirotti Models "REBEL" has received a full CARF-Models overhaul as well. It entered our production in a brand new set of molds, ensuring first class composite parts with perfect fit and finish. It took us a while until all 4 sizes of Rebels were ready for serial production in our expected quality level, and unfortunately one has to be the last. But now: The Rebel PRO is also available and can be ordered directly via our web shop. 

The Rebel PRO features a wing span of 2.6m and a fuselage length of about 2.85m. All up weight is approx. 20-22 kg wet and it will be perfectly powered by engines from 180 - 210 N thrust. As a specialty it features a 2-part fuselage so that you can break it down easily into well transportable components.

The Rebels all feature this typical italian design, a little like the charismatic Italian supercars we all know very well. Italian Design and German Engineering has never been a bad combination, so the all the Rebels will now be hard to beat! We all hope that by joining forces with CARF-Models’ powerful production plant, all the Rebels can be provided faster, in top notch quality and with much higher prefabrication than they used to be. All 4 sizes of the Pirotti Rebels will be available with the CARF-typical, new level of quality and prefabrication, so no different will be the most popular of them all, the Rebel PRO:

  • Gear Mounts installed, aligned and ready to drop in e-retracts, on the smaller versions even ARF-Plus with e-gear already installed.
  • Control horns glued in, Servo mounts ready to drop in 8 mini servos and cut-to-length linkages with quality hardware are included
  • Canopy mounts (hooks and pin) are installed
  • wing and stab joiners are high quality carbon tubes 
  • Painted in the molds, no matter whether single color or more complex stock schemes are preferred.
  • fuel tank, thrust tube and landing gear are available as accessories or will be already installed at almost no extra cost in the popular ARF-Plus versions we offer.


You will purchase the landing gear, thrust tube and fuel tank separately, but the components we offer in our catalog are perfectly designed and well fit for this airplane. Landing gear and fuel tank is identical to the one for the Rebel MAX, the thrust tube is of identical design and diameter, but shorter. It is recommended not to experiment with other products, but of course, its free for you to shop around. Currently we do not provide an ARF-Plus package for this size of airplane, these ARF-Plus packages are only available for the two smaller Rebels (HOT and Classic 2m)


No matter how small or big it is - A Rebel is an all composite, well engineered airplane, with extreme strcutrual strength, perfectly painted surface and well working, durable accessories. The Rebel Pro is considerably large, but still good to transport due to the 2-part fuselage. It is made for the very common engine sizes of 180-210 N, it can be flown on any grass or asphalt runway with 120-150m length due to its light wing loading and slow approach speed.


Flying Characteristics

From an effortless short take-off through smooth flight routines all the Rebels install confidence in any pilot who controls it. The old saying is especially true here: What looks good, flies good.... The sleek aerodynamics have taken all Rebels to the highest level of sport jets, rock solid when flown slowly, and a racing thoroughbred when the throttle is opened up. The clean, beautiful lines allow smooth, slow and fast aerobatics while tracking like on rails... The second biggest one, the PRO, is perfectly powered with a 180N engine, whereas a 210-220N engine is almost overkill. Take off and landing distances are short enough for any flying field. Due to its light weight and low wing loading, the strong landing gear and large wheel size, nothing is restricting you from taking off and landing on grass strips. Fast rolls, slow rolls, point rolls, large loops and cubans... and most impressive slow fly bys with flaps fully extended and gear down. The most impressive part is that this plane requires ab solutely NO knife edge mixing at all. You'll enjoy the total precision and the wide spektrum, we promise.

Now get your order in for one, pick your scheme, custom or stock, chose an engine, 8 25 kg standard size size servos and go! it will be built easily on a few weekends because only the equipment installation is left for you. Everything else is already built. And you can rely on CARF that the gear and the recommended servos will be a drop in fit! 


     102" (2600 mm)


      113" (2880 mm)


     44 lbs (20 kg)



       180-210 N



       8 x standard size high torque servos (25+ kg/cm) 


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