Servo Arm Double - 25T (MacGregor, Futaba...)

Servo Arm Double - 25T (MacGregor, Futaba...)

This double sided servo arm has been designed by CARF for the use in their airplanes. It fits CARF's choice of brand, MacGregor servos perfectly. The quality of spline is guaranteed. It's made from aircraft grade aluminum (7075) and has several advantages over other servo arms. Due to the extremely strong material choice we get along with a 2.5mm thickness, that means, a regular spring steel clevis will fit. Also, we have opted for very tightly aligned 1.6mm holes, again, so that one of our favorite spring steel clevis will fit without play. 

It is very easy to drill the required hole with 2.5mm and tap an M3 thread. The great material choice will make sure that that thread is 100% sufficient for any use in a CARF plane. Last but not least, such an arm can be used as base for the CARBON ARM Extensions we provide with our new line of Aerobatic Planes. 

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