SIAI Marchetti (Pioneer Scheme)


The Pioneer Scheme is based on the beautiful colors of the Italian Pioneer Team. They fly a "Pioneer 300" and have shown in numerous international events how well this scheme presents in the air. We borrowed it for our SIAI Marchetti after several customer requests had been satisfied with custom versions of this scheme. The conservative colors of white, red and blue (metallic) and the stylish bird-like elements give it an impressive look.


Used colors:

- White #02

- Red #08

- Metallic dark blue #26

- Hardener

Item Number: 106000

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    112" (2830 mm) w/ tip tanks


     93" (2370 mm)


    33 - 35 Lbs (15 - 16 kg) dry


    60 cc single - 120 cc twin 2stroke, 100 cc Moki 4stroke



    9 middle to high class servos


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