SIAI Marchetti Wheel Brake Upgrade Set

SIAI Marchetti Wheel Brake Upgrade Set

Our Wheel Brake Upgrade set can easily be installed on your existing SIAI landing gear - even the wheels remain the same.

This set contains all necessary pneumatic devices.

We highly recommend this set for our SIAI turboprop version, but it is also comfortable for your gas engine driven SIAI on short runways.

You can download detailed instructions here (PDF).

The set contains:

  • 2x Festo QSM-3 quick connector
  • 2x Festo T-fitting  T-PK-2
  • 2x 3mm Pneumatic tubing red
  • 2x Wabo brake unit with rubber plate and set screw
  • 1x Electronic 1/1 way brake valve

Item Number: 100550

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