T-27 Tucano (Custom Scheme)


For our Tucano we offer two variants of customized painting schemes:

  • Color-Swap
    You pick a colorscheme of your choice, which we offer for your favorized plane. Then you simply "swap" the colors to your ideas. This option is quite easy to realize, so the delivery time and the costs are usually only a little bit higher than a usual colorscheme. It is also available on all kits, where the "Custom Scheme"-option is shown in the menu.

  • Custom Scheme
    You design your very own painting scheme. Sometimes not everything is possible, due to the in-the-mold painting technology, but we are sure that your ideas and our possibilities are not far apart. It is important that you send us very good documentation of the scheme you have in mind, to allow us to evaluate feasibility and effort. We will get back to you with possible modification requests and with a price quote and delivery time. You won’t get it, if you don’t ask it… So, feel free to contact us with your needs. Look at the pictures of Custom Schemes realized in the past, to get an impression what is possible and what not.

Item Number: 690000

Factory Order Item

    110" (2800 mm)


     89" (2510 mm)


    38 - 40 Lbs (17 - 18 kg) dry


    JetCat SPT-5 or Wren MW-54 Turboprop


    8 high power digital servos

Insider Tip