Yak 55 SP 3.3m (Rat Scheme Yellow)


This 3.3m Yak represents a new scheme based on the popular military "Rat Schemes" appearing on the market. Needless to say that instead of incorporating a Russian Star in a "Russion Rat Scheme" on a Yak or Sukhoi, we also can do "German Rat Schemes" on Extras or "American Rat Schemes" on Edges... As long as there's no stock yet, you can pick your colors without extra charge!

Customize your next aerobatic plane with one of the coolest looks presented by CARF-Models. Go Rat!


Used Colors:

- Black #01

- White #02

- Yellow #06

- Grey #3

- Dark-Grey Mix (50% Black #01 - 50% Grey #3)

- Hardener

Item Number: 352000


Price: 4,590.00 USD

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