Industry Leading CARF-Models Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is one of our most important and most cherished values. We know that there are a lot of choices on the market, and we are honored that you allow us and our airplanes to enrich your hobby and make your days at the flying field especially memorable.

In appreciation of your loyalty, we are pleased to announce CARF-Models’ commitment to give back in a BIG way: Introducing, CARF-Models ’MyChoice’!

A CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ membership grants you exclusive access to sales and packages, such as:

  • Special holiday offers

  • Introductory pricing for new models

  • Preferred wait list for new models

  • Color swaps and custom schemes

  • VIP spare parts service

  • High-quality field wear and apparel

  • Silver and Gold level discount structure.

Becoming a member of this elite circle is easy! Purchase any regularly-priced model kit plus a field wear package and you will enter CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ SILVER Level. As a CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ SILVER Level member you will enjoy the benefits of 5% discount on all kit purchases for 24 months. Every subsequent kit purchased within your introductory 24-month period will restart a new 24-month cycle. Our web shop will reflect your current status and benefits once you log in.

If you do not purchase another kit in your first 24 months, you may be dropped out of the program – but don’t worry – your membership will be re-activated with your next purchase of a kit at full price.

If you purchase three additional kits at the CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ SILVER Level, you will be rewarded with a promotion to CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ GOLD Level. This unique opportunity will award you with a whopping double discount of 10% on kit purchases for the next 12 months. Every subsequent kit purchased at the CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ GOLD Level will restart your GOLD level status for a new 12-month cycle.

After three consecutive kit orders at the CARF-Models ’MyChoice’ GOLD Level, you will keep at least SILVER Level for life, receiving a minimum of at least 5% off all your kit purchases. Even if you take a hiatus for a few years, you will retain at least SILVER Level – no questions asked!

To launch this new loyalty program, we are offering a Special Deal from now until July 31st, 2021. You do not have to purchase a model at full price to become a ‘MyChoice’ member. You can jump into the program by purchasing just and only our Field Merchandise Package (1 signature baseball cap and 2 ‘MyChoice’ polo shirts in your size) for 49 USD/Euro, plus domestic shipping flat fee HERE! This will kickstart your membership, allow you to immediately benefit from the program with your next kit purchase and see your discounted prices in the web shop.

Your road map for your best benefits:

Purchase a Apparel Field Package > Become member for 2 years > Purchase an airplane within 2 years > Get 5% discount and extend your SILVER membership for further 2 years > Do this 3 times > Become GOLD Member for 1 year > Purchase an airplane within 1 year > Get 10% discount and extend your GOLD membership for a further year > Do that 3 times > Stay Member for LIFE!

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