BOLT! (Fly Navy Scheme, yellow)


This Fly Navy Scheme fits the BOLT so nicely. It is a high visibility scheme for a very fast airplane, even if the eyes are not anymore as fast as one wishes. A true classic, which enhances the beautiful lines of the CARF-Models BOLT! 

Introductionary Combo Price: Since the engine installation with carbon bypass, thrust tube and fuel cells is so very special, we have decided to offer the BOLT! initially as a complete package only, that means, the light weight, spiral reinforced stainless steel thrust tube and perfectly fitted Kevlar saddle tanks are included in the basic kit. Only the UAT of your choice will have to be purchased separately. Only the retract set #430500 and the smoke tank #430108 are needed to make this a really complete airplane. 

Item Number: 433000

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Price: 5,190.00 USD

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