General Information

The DG-800 S from “Schauberger’s Model Manufacture” is known in Germany as the“UNDESTROYABLE”. Sure enough she is one of the fastest, most precise giant scale gliders ever made. 

CARF-Models have taken over the production of this magnificent glider in a team effort with Schauberger. They have transitioned the extreme aerodynamical performance and incredible structural strength of the bespoke airplane into professional and reliable serial production. 

No matter what your expectations are, the DG-800 S has something for everybody, as long as the main objective is to simply not settle for anything less than the Best. The performance spectrum spans from thermal flight in very marginal thermal weather, all the way to slope soaring in extreme conditions. The adjustable camber over the whole wing span changes the characteristics of the airplane dramatically. Due to the strength of the all carbon construction even extreme towing with most powerful tow planes and rocking turbine flights at continuous maximum speed are possible. Not only the structural strength, but also the aerodynamic design as such allows high inertia aerobatics in any altitude. 



The less experienced glider pilot will appreciate the versatility of our DG-800 S as he can fly it at the slower end of the performance span, growing with increasing routine and experience into challenging the airframe at highest speeds, with loaded ballast, all with one aircraft which can’t get better than it is. 

Now, what do you get for your money in terms of design, construction, prefabrication and included equipment, when you opt for one of these high performance glider?

  • A kevlar reinforced fuselage, seamless, with canopy frame and canopy readily installed and hinged, carbon reinforced retract formers, hinged gear doors.
  • All joints for wings, horizontal stab and rudder are readily built and aligned.
  • A pair of wings built in the latest all carbon technology. All flaps and ailerons are skin hinged and the bottom slots are covered with the full size equivalent of hinge seals. Control horns are installed, servo trays and linkages are prepared so that servos of various types literally snap in place. Speed brakes are installed and their covers are precisely aligned with the wing’s surface.
  • A massive carbon wing joiner as a floating spar, built and pressed in steel moulds, individually fit without any play into the wing sockets
  • A horizontal stab and rudder, ready to be attached, control horns installed, hinge slots sealed.
  • A high end retract, a CNC-machined canopy hinge with integrated tow release, and all hardware required to complete the airplane 





As a very impressive option, maybe a industry first, we provide a turbine conversion set, consisting of a precisely moulded turbine mount for 100N class turbines and a conformal fuel cell with a hopper tank for the die hard speed freak. Performance glider flying at its best, just the word “glider” might be a bit out of touch.


For the extreme performance of our DG-800 S, we follow the same philosophy as the initial designer, not to cut the 3m wing panels for easier transport and join them somewhere in the middle. It would compromise the unrivalled strength of the aircraft. So, please be aware of the fact that the airplane is shipped in a 3m long crate and that your car or trailer must be able to transport 3m wing panels safely.


The CARF-Models DG-800 S will carry the legacy of high end aerobatic, jet and warbird models into the scale and performance glider market.


    236" (6000 mm)


     92" (2350 mm)


    26 - 39 Lbs (12 - 18 kg) dry


    (100 N)


     10 high power digital servos

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