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Dominating a lot of today’s AirRaces, the Edge 540 has gained more and more popularity. Many modelers are fascinated by its particular shape of the fuselage with the huge fin and the smooth cowling. A shame that most of our competitors’ Edge kits feature only the special wing geometry, but have nothing in common with the full-scale Edge 540’s characteristic fuselage.

Well, another challenge for CARF Models was created. We designed our brand new Edge from the ground up. It’s definitely NOT an Extra with modified cowling and tail, as you can see so often... We used original drawings from the full-scale to create a solid model with modern CAD techniques.

Our 2.6m Edge being popular all over the world, we once again listened to our customers and decided to create a little brother in the affordable 2.3m class. Since 2011 many already admired our prototype at several events in Europe’s flying seasons and were very pleased with the 2.3m Edge’s grown-up presence in the air: Also in this class, the huge fuselage is dominating the looks of the fascinating plane.








Unique in the market: engine dome, cowling, muffler mount, is all prepared

for 60cc engines and it drops in within a few minutes of your time. With a standard muffler setup, the power is already enough for any kind of aerobatics – with a tuned pipe our prototype behaves like a rocket, gaining again 500 rpm.

Flight characteristics

In the air, our Edge 540 2.3m behaves like a true allrounder. The sequence characteristics are smooth and precise, qualifying the small Edge to be a reliable partner for your first steps into competitions. On the other hand, this plane is a true 3D monster. Like the 2.6m version, the roll speed is unbelievably fast, with only the pilot’s capabilities setting the limit. As any other CARF aerobatic plane, the Edge 540 2.3m features crisp and precise snap-behaviour because of CARF’s long-term experience in choosing the right air foil and wing geometry. The huge control surfaces and short tail make the Edge very agile in every situation.














As any other kit of our product range, the Edge features the well-engineered TAVS (total area vacuum sandwich) production technique, with a novel degree of pre-fabrication in the 2.3m class:

All control horns are already glued in and mounted readily for assembling the linkages and the cowl frame is already installed for you and the motor dome is perfectly prepared for a 60cc engine to be installed within seconds: The thrust angles are already set up right and even the drive-in nuts are in its place.

Get your Edge 540 2.3m and enjoy a always reliable, great looking plane with the full potential of our bigger birds – at very affordable costs.




    90" (2300 mm)


     88" (2250 mm)


    20 - 21 Lbs (9 - 9,8 kg) dry


    50 - 60 cc


     5 high power digital servos

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