General Information

When Christian Etter and Felix Ruof of CEFLIX approached us at Jetpower 2018 whether we were interested in doing an acrobatic glider together, we didn't hesitate to agree, knowing that CEFLIX had been a big name in the German glider scene for quite a long time. What we came up with is a breathtaking KOBUZ-3 in 1:3.2 scale, resulting in 4.35 cm wing span (172"). CEFLIX provided the aerodynamic and CAD design, CARF-Models their composite technology. Each one alone already an institution, in a joint venture it had to result in something greater than anything. And it did!


The CARF-Models KOBUZ-3 is the epitome of a painted in the mold, all carbon, scale, ultra performance acrobatic glider with only the best materials and components used. Not too big, so that it still has some potential wing loading for the aerobatic maneuvers in the glider mode, and perfectly suited for awesome turbine or EDF power with the commercially available solutions such as CEFLIX retractable Turbine mount and JetCat P-100, or the 120 mm high performance retractable CEFLIX electric ducted fan (Schuebeler).

Of course the CARF-Models KOBUZ-3 comes with an installed retractable landing gear and tow release, it can be ordered prepared for the installation of the retractable turbine mount or EDF mount, hatch cut, doors hinged. A Cockpit tub and dash is also installed in the factory fitted canopy and frame.

Various paint schemes have been designed, which are not scale but look so fantastic on this airplane, and an all white version is availalbe for your very own design ideas. The unique scale KOBUZ scheme will also be available. The CARF-Models KOBUZ is entirely painted in the molds, moulding seams are touched up and completely invisible.


Fuselage and Canopy

The fuselage is all carbon in all the load carrying areas, only the front part of the fuselage under the canopy is fiberglass, as we needed to make sure the RC-Equipment will work properly. Dual layers of 45 degree carbon, longitudinal unidirectional reinforcements make the fuselage safe for 400+ km/h dives. A soft mounted retractable landing gear with 115 mm wheel is installed and gear doors are hinged. 


The canopy is finished, fitted to the frame and painted in the factory. Pins, tabs and a springloaded latch is also factory istalled. The cockpit tub will hold an optionally available Quarter Scale full pilot and a scale instrument panel is available as an option, too.


We provide the fuselage with provisions to mount a retractable turbine mount or EDF mount, cut the doors and hinge them, if ordered.



The Wings are also completely made from carbon fibre. Multi layers of carbon in the skin wrap around an incredibly stong main spar. Control surfaces are hinged and a sealing lip is factory installed. Control horns, servo mounts, hatches, linkages are all pre-built. 

A solid 25 x 45 mm cross sectioned carbon wing joiner carries the flying loads as a "floating spar", whereas the wings are joined to the fuselage with 4 8mm carbon pins. 


The airfoil used is sort of a secret, but it is extremely thin for minimized drag, proven in many other CEFLIX designs.



The horizontal stab is also a full carbon design with elevators pre hinged on elastic hinges, sealed with composite lips. It is removable with one single bolt, after the linkage has been disconnected from the massive control horn, as the elevator servo is installed in the rear of the fuselage. The rudder is attached with a steel pin to 4 hinge posts in the fin, solidly glued into a plywood spar. A pull/pull setup connects it to the rudder servo installed right behind the landing gear. 




The CARF-Models KOBUZ-3 can be flown in the mountains (slope soaring), it can be aero-towed for scale glider aerobatic performance and it can be propelled by a retractable jet engine or electric ducted fan. The truth of the matter is more like that it can be banged around with a jet engine or huge EDF so that "gliding" becomes an unnecessary flight stage, except for landing... 


The KOBUZ-3 is literally unbreakable in the air, with all the carbon used in the construction. It is 400 km/h safe, it can be pulled up at full throttle without regrets. It is not only a high performance glider, it is also a powered speed plane to be enjoyed low and fast, Reno-style.

And at the same time, it is docile, slow, predictable when needed. It can be flown on small airfields, grass runways, in the wilderness of breathtaking mountains, as well as on asphalt airfields. The CARF-Models KOBUZ-3 is a kind of its own. Raw, powerful, elegant and sexy. 


    172" (4350mm)


     95" (2400 mm)


    37-40Lbs (17-18.5 kg) 


    80-120 N Jet engine or 120mm EDF


     6 high power digital servos (20mm) plus 2 standard servos for retract and tow release

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