Kobuz-3 (Hamilton Scheme)


This colorful design on our Kobuz has already found a place in our hearts. Painted in the molds, with all seams touched up, it lets the Kobuz shine. Please note that the shown retractable EDF unit is not included in the kit. You can order this accessory and the additional preparation and installation work separately. However, the retractable landing gear is included and installed!

Item Number: 563000

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Price: 3,890.00 USD

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    172" (4350mm)


     95" (2400 mm)


    37-40Lbs (17-18.5 kg) 


    80-120 N Jet engine or 120mm EDF


     6 high power digital servos (20mm) plus 2 standard servos for retract and tow release

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