MiG-17 (Custom Scheme)

MiG-17 (Custom Scheme)

This is the CUSTOM SCHEME version of our MiG-17. Currently we offer several custom paint jobs on this model, which will be at added cost. Please contact us or your Sales Rep for more information, in order to discuss the many scale scheme options there are.

As a rough ball park figure: Upcharge for a scheme like the one on the photo above,

will be in the range of 300-400 Euro/USD.

The CARF-Models MiG 17 ARF Kit consists of the following components:

- two part fuselage with 2 hatches, canopy frame and separate nose gear doors and speed brake doors

- right and left wing with separate gear door, flap and aileron 

- Fin and stab with pre-attached rudder and elevators

- a comprehensive array of additional scale parts such as guns and antennas

- clear canopy and all required hardware for component installation

Item Number: 230000

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