The CARF-Models MiG-17 has been developed following the advice of several owners of restored full size owners of MiG-17s in the USA. Since it is very hard to find good original documentation, the cooperation with Pros like Bill Culberson and Jason Solmes has been priceless, and we would like to thank especially these two great MiG-17 enthusiasts, here and now, that our scale aircraft has become what it is: A great example of gold age jet aviation history. 


We are currently in the test flight phase, but everything is so promising that we are going to open now a list for pre-orders with a VOUCHER, which can be purchased from now on, until the product is finalized and the permanent information is updated on the web. 

As a basic information, the aircraft is modeled in a scale of 1:3.7, which leaves it at a wing span of 265 cm and a weight of <25 kg (55 lb). It's a fully detailed all composite construction, the base model is painted silver in the molds. The fuselage is made in a front and rear part for easy transportation, the wings are joined with a pair of 30 mm carbon tubes. The fin and stab are also removable and have their servos close to the control surfaces, linkgages are as hidden as possible.


Of course we can paint it in any other color, we can finish the schemes up like our prototype or its sister ships (1613 or 1610) or paint any original cold war schemes, either in the mold or outside. We can add the aluminum effect sanding (as introduced with our F-100 SuperSabre) and scale weathering in any level.

A scale landing gear has been developed for the model. It is already in serial production and will be available when the first kits are ready to be delivered. It is a light weight CARF-Models construction made in Germany, based on ELECTRON gear units with GS-200 controller. 



Conformal fuel cells with the volume of 5 liter are just perfect for engines between 200 and 250 N thrust and a spiral reinforced stainless steel thrust tube with carbon intake lip has been specifically designed for the model.

A scale cockpit made by the man himself, Francesco Mondinelli, in Italy, includes a sliding canopy mechanism. A true scale pilot is available through Tailored Pilots, UK. 


We fly the prototype with a Kingtech K-235 G4 but any engine between 200 and 220 N will work, too. Keep in mind that the full scale aircraft didn't have a great power to weight ratio and the aircraft's flying qualities benefit strongly from keeping the engine small and light. 

We have decided that the first 10 aircraft or so will only be offered as ARF-Plus versions, in order to make sure that the gear installation is done in the factory and NO issues will arise, after some very frustrating experiences had been made with other scale jets in the past. Only after CARF-Models has total confidence that gear and airframe will match and work perfectly togther and that the installation will not pose any challenge whatsoever, we will start selling it in components.

That means, at least the first 10 ARF-Plus MiG-17 will only be available as ARF-Plus versions with landing gear, thrust tube and fuel tanks installed. Of course, a PNP service can be added for guaranteed success, which honestly is highly recommended for an airplane of this size and complexity. To appreciate our "MyChoice" membership program, we will provide a preferred wait listing for MyChoice Members. Keep in mind, until end of June you can become member without any additional condition, just purchase a field apparel package in your size. 

The cockpit will remain an optional item, which has to be ordered separately, but can be installed in the factory as part of the PNP solution. The cost for individual color schemes on top of a single color paint job done in the molds, will be quoted based on complexity and will also be added to the ARF-Plus price.


UPDATE: We are in full production and all customers who secured vouchers are getting their original and final quotations soon. You do not need to purchase a voucher anymore, you can create your final quote request (all items are listed in the webshop now) and then make a first deposit of 2000 USD/Euro in order to secure your production slot. We would be very glad to make your dream MiG-17 for you. 



This is a video of the very first flight. Fighting with a very nose heavy CG in that flight.

More videos will be published within the next few days.

Another video of a flight after the CG had been gradually moved backwards. It's still nose heavy but felt already great at the sticks. 

Another inch or so back and it will be perfect. Landing gear works well, engine matches perfectly...

Drop tanks are finished also but have not been installed for flight because of the not so friendly weather conditions. 

Next flights: JOK 2021! See you there!


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