General Information

The P-51 D Mustang is one of the most famous fighter planes ever built. One of the best, too. CARF Models has dedicated a lot of time and research towards building a beautiful scale replica of this classic World War II fighter. It’s almost unbelievable that the CARF Models P-51 is in production since 1996. A natural evolution of the kit has brought a lot of improvements for the benefit of the modeler, and now, after almost a thousand planes made, it is still not lacking interest. After having stunned the warbird scene with our F4U-1D Corsair, produced in the newest CARF technology, we had no choice than giving our old faithful P-51 the facelift she deserves.
The P-51 is made all composite, has all surface details molded in and all composite parts are silver colored. The outer skin looks like the original aluminium, as the initial plug for the plane was covered with fully detailed aluminium sheets. The plane is one of the most scale warbirds available today.
For easy transport the wings and stabs are detachable. The long cowling covers engine, fuel tank and most RC equipment allowing easy access and maintenance. Currently it is only available as an all silver kit but watch out for painted versions in the near future.



“That’s nothing new!”, we hear you say. You’re right, but here come all the improvements of the new state-of-the-art composite kit:

  • All vacuum sandwich fuselage for lighter, stiffer construction and easier maintenance of the center of gravity, even with a very light weight engine
  • Totally redesigned hinging of all control surfaces with phenolic hinge posts and removable steel pins, all control surfaces installed and working
  • Improved fit of the composite parts due to upgraded production molds
  • Modified gear mount structure in wing and fuselage to accept the Sierra main and tail gear, especially designed for the CARF P-51
  • Separately molded gear doors for warp and twist free fit into molded recesses in the wing
  • Wing mount and stab mount now pre-installed and aligned

This makes the kit very complete and represents a huge step in terms of prefabrication, to make the build process easier and more enjoyable for you. The kit includes all hardware such as control horns, wing and stab tubes, linkages, bolts, screws and nuts. Most of the earlier vacuum formed parts are replaced by hand laminated glass layups.



Produced in TAVS technology, 90% of the fuselage’s surface are now made in superlight and stiff vacuum sandwich. This reduces weight behind the center of gravity remarkably, so that even lighter engines will not require too much nose weight. The stab mount is already installed, the wing mounts as well. Both are factory aligned in a final assembly process. Of course, elevator and rudder are also pin hinges for your convenience.




Actually outside the same, inside quite improved in detail. So we have installed a new and complete gear mount which fits our landing gear. A nice access hatch can be cut which also holds the outer gear door. This is removable for easy repair and maintenance access. The gear doors are molded now and they sit in molded recesses in the wings, nice and clean, without alignment trouble. The wings are pre-drilled and fitted on to the fuselage with a final alignment check in the factory. Ailerons and flaps are mounted on hinge posts, already glued in, and are any time removable by pulling the 2mm hinge pins.




From 50 cc to 85 cc any single engine can be used. We do have experience with 3W and DA engines. However, a crank shaft extension is necessary to hide the cylinder inside the cowl. There are various extensions available, we have some in stock, too. The engine manufacturers do not like the use of it, but if you do not want the cylinder to stick out of your beautiful Mustang, you have no choice. A 50cc engine (sufficient power for a light plane and for nice scale flight) might only stick the spark plug out, which might be acceptable for most of you. A more powerful solution (80-85 cc single) will require an extension. However, the P-51 was originally designed for 2 cylinder inline twin engines and any of these engines, whether newly available or a marvel from the”old days”, can be installed.





Much more complete than before, the new CARF P-51 Mustang kit includes a full hardware package with a lot of additional helpful wood parts and lots of high quality hardware, such as linkages, clevises, ball links, bolts, nuts, servo screws, stab and wing mounting hardware and booms.


Scale Accessories

Not only a set of the classical drop tanks with pylons, also scale exhaust stacks, a scale dummy prop and a spinner is available again. This all is on top of the scale main and tail gear including scale wheels, which is now officially available through CARF. Our P-51 finally has evolved into a kit of the highest level, matching our newest developments, featuring our newest production technologies. A timeless classic in state of the art quality and completeness.




Flying Performance

A P-51 is always a great flyer. But the CARF Models P-51 Mustang is one of the best, that’s for sure. The light weight construction together with the aerodynamic design of airfoils makes the CARF Models P-51 a real joy to fly. Take Offs and Landings are easy, and the flying speed is very scale. The P-51 is designed to accept engines from 50 to 85 cc. This means that even the investment in a suitable engine is really not that high. The CARF Models P-51 Mustang is “THE” Warbird, if you consider something very special, thus legendary and famous. The economical kit price should make your mind up…get in line for one of the new ones now!



    100" (2540 mm)


     89" (2270 mm)


    33 - 37 Lbs (15 - 17 kg) dry


    50 - 85 cc


    8-10 middle to high class servos

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