The Rebel Classic 2m is a famous Sport Jet from the family of the Pirotti Models "REBELS". After CARF-Models has taken on the production, marketing and sales of all the REBEL variants of Pirotti Models, this 2m version was the one we put the most effort in. Since the production tooling was old and worn, we decided to make a new mold after upgrading the construction details based on many years of customer experience - also in discussion with Mauro Pirotti, who gave us valuable advice on what his customers loved and what they criticised at times. 


The Classic 2m Rebel is now for sure the best in its size. CARF has put all their skills and experience in the prefabrication of the kit and the painting process of the schemes, the range of which will continuously be expanded. Of course, all available schemes are painted in the molds and in some areas touched up from outside, to represent a flawlessly shiny surface, de-seamed in all directly visible areas. 


The fuselage is a one-piece design. Already installed are:

  • Wing and stab tubes in perfect alignment
  • Fixtures to hold wing and stab in place
  • Nose gear mount to accept our stock gear without any rework
  • Engine mount for 100-140 N engines, aligned and ready to accept the thrust tube
  • Stiffening formers and spars for vertical fin and thrust tube
  • Rudder servo is designed to be fixed to a readily installed servo hatch.
  • Fuselage hatch with hooks and hatch latch, readily operational


The wings contain the following features factory built:

  • Servo mounts for flaps are installed and ready to drop in the servos
  • Aileron servos are designed to be fixed to the servo hatch for easiest maintenance
  • Gear mounts are made from finnish airplane grade birch plywood with carbon reinforcements where needed
  • Cutouts for struts and wheels are done 


The stabs are just as complete: 

  • Servo mounts for elevator servos are installed and ready to drop in the servos
  • fixture bolts to hold the stabs on the fuselage are installed


The hardware included in the kit represents highest quality standards, all made in Germany by reputable manufacturers. High quality ball links and clevises, zinc plated all thread pushrods and 8.8 or better strength valued, blackened allen bolts and nickel plated self tapping screws. More hardware is simply not needed in the otherwise so highly prefabricated airplane. 

The Rebel classic 2m is designed to accept an economically priced JP e-retract system with wheels and e-brakes. This gear is of very impressive quality and has proven its reliability in hundreds of other applications. However, an Electron gear set can also be fitted, might the customer want to do so. We provide an ARF-Plus package containing the complete landing gear, the fuel tank and the thrust tube, all preinstalled in the airplane, which is highly recommended as you get the value of this preinstallation almost free of charge.


To discuss the flying performance of a Rebel, no matter what version or size, seems like carrying coals to Newcastle... The Rebels are docile, precise and predictable airplanes to fly. The CARF construction is strong, rigid and reliable and that makes the combo you are looking for. The 2m size is just a little bigger than the "pocket plane" but not as big as a full size sport jet in todays world. It had been the first of all Rebels, but might now be the best match for todays needs, especially after all has been made new...




     78" (2000 mm)


      87" (2220 mm)


     20-22 lbs (9-10 kg)



       100-140 N



       8 x standard size high torque servos (20+ kg/cm) 


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